Walking in My Norwegian Winter Wonderland

The snow finally came. I was beginning to fear that this was going to be a snowless winter, but we did get another one of those old fashioned winters – albeit a bit late. When I was little, this kind of weather started late in October or at least in November, so mid-January is a few months later than it should be.

But I’ll take it.

And today, the sun was shining, so I simply had to get outside to enjoy the wonders of Mother Nature. I expect my body to start complaining about the activity now, after I’ve been idle for so long with my master’s thesis, but it will just have to get used to it again. I had actually forgotten how good the forest makes me feel. A few minutes into it, and I felt that sense of release and deep joy and relaxation. I just have to get out forestbathing a lot more often in the future.

Here are some pictures from my walk, for me to remember and you to enjoy!


Beautiful, isn’t it?

Forest = bliss!


The trail I was walking. Tomorrow, I’ll go for the longer trail further into the woods.


…and a tree…


…and a cone…


…some icicles…

…the beautiful sun shining magically through the trees…


…and the sunset as my walk was coming to an end.


How about you? Have you been forestbathing lately?

PS! This post has been submitted to Simply Natural Saturday, over at The Homesteading Hippy. Go check it out! 🙂!

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