Returning to Gaia

I have been away and locked up for so long. Reading, studying, writing. Ironically, it has been mostly about nature and the environment. I got my Master’s degree in cultural studies in February, where I wrote a thesis on the view on nature in young adult fiction. I got an A. That felt almost insanely good, and it was worth every kink in the neck, every sore muscle in the back and every sleepless night pondering over theories and analysis.

Now, I’m starting to get the sensation in my body back. Slowly, I’m awakening from my coma. Some of the time has been spent on the yoga mat, a lot of the time has been spent just sleeping or listening to an audio book… and some of the time has been spent out in the sun, sucking up all the vitamin D I can possibly get into my body after having been inside in front of the computer for so very long. This was the first spring in forever that I didn’t have to prepare for any exams. The first spring since … 2010, actually. And that was just a break when I was a SAHM with my little girl.

Academic work is exhausting, thrilling, exiting, insanely frustrating, lonely, fulfilling and everything all at once. I’m hoping for the chance to continue on my research soon, and maybe even get a PhD some time. But there’s more to life than reading about what you love. You kind of have to DO what you love as well.

So that is what I’m planning to do now, this summer. I still have some stuff to do on my PC, and I do take assignments now and then from publishers etc, but as from next week… When my task list is gone and, hopefully, my laundry is done, too… Then, I’m returning to Gaia. I’m going back into the forest, I’m going down to the beach, and I’m going to just breathe.

For some reason or another, this is easier for me to write about in Norwegian. I think Norwegian is mainly my academic language now, even though I have been blogging in Norwegian for the last year. English is more… I don’t know, suitable for deeper and more global thoughts, while Norwegian is more local and stiff, precise and to the point.

So yes… I am returning to Gaia, while also returning to my English blog a bit. I’ll still be blogging in Norwegian, but I do miss writing in English again. So that’s what I’ll do, as a part of freeing myself from my overworked academic mind while I reconnect with nature and my body.

I dearly hope you will join me. <3


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  1. Pip
    says: Reply

    As much as I laugh my butt off over the Google translations of your Norwegian blog, I’m really, really glad you’re posting in English again. 🙂

    1. Nienna says: Reply

      *giggles* Yes, I know! Google is horrible!!

      1. Pip
        says: Reply

        In that department, yes, it is. 🙂

  2. Avdelingholt says: Reply

    Fin fin hilsen fra meg

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