Good Morning, 2016…

It’s Monday morning. The first one in the brand new year.

I’m sitting here with a cup of tea, trying to figure out what to do with it. The Monday and the morning and the year, that is. The cup of tea, I think I can manage.

(Also trying to figure out why on Earth the W’s are automatically capitalized now? Oh well.)

So yeah.

2015 is finally dead and buried. That son of a bitch is gone. As I was writing the other day on my Norwegian blog: I’m starting this new year on an absolute all-time low.

See, my master’s thesis is soon done. I’ll submit it some time this week, actually, and that is a big YAY! I did it! I made it! Well, almost, anyway, I still have a few more days to go.

But then… It all comes to a halt.

Because… Guess what? There are no jobs. And the Norwegian system is such that students are obviously considered the lowest class of society, because while you will get support if you lose your job, you will get only the lowest welfare if you actually did try to better your chances by getting an education.

To make matters even worse, I would have had a claim to health related support due to hypermobility syndrome  – but that just got declined because I managed to get through this education. Obviously, I can’t be in chronic pain and fatigue if I managed to write a master’s thesis from my bed.

So there you go.

2016 is some scary shit right now. I’m leaving years and years of studying behind, only to go on the lowest welfare possible, with no prospects of actually getting a job any time soon. If you’ve been following the news, you’ll know that the oil price is also on an all-time low, meaning there are cutbacks and downsizing all over the place. Unemployment is rising, and will continue to do so until someone can figure out what to do without the oil.

A sweet time to retire from studies, no?

So, here I am, sitting with my tea on Monday morning, wondering where the hell do I start…

I have started already, actually. The first thing I did, even before I got out of bed, on January the 1st, was to register my own company again. If someone can’t or won’t hire me, and if the State won’t help, I will simply have to go it myself. So, I’m thinking… freelancing. Blogging. Crafting. Etsy. Anything and everything I can think of. Because I did NOT get this far only to watch soaps and sitcoms while my life is going down the drain.

*takes a deep breath*

Other than that, I will have to do some serious changes. First of all, I’ll be going totally green with everything, consumption will have to go down to a minimum, and first and foremost, that will mean that dumpster diving will be my main source of food. Also, I will have to get into preservation. My Mason jars are now up from the basement and starting to get filled up.

Also, there is yoga. The one thing that might get this body into shape and thus make me more able to work – if work at some point in time will be available. I have a wonderful yoga instructor, who is also a physiotherapist. It costs money, so I’ll have to come up with a way of paying for those.

Actually, I’ll shamelessly ask for help right now: If you click on this button, you’ll be able to donate as little or as much as you want. Everything will go to yoga classes, or maybe even I’ll get a certification myself in the end, and become a yoga instructor.

So today, I’ll finish my thesis.

I’ll reply to All the Mails.

I’ll get my home organized and lovely, especially the “office”.

I’ll do yoga.

And then I will work on my plans.

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